ImpactMapper Integrates with Trint to Expedite Impact Reporting and Analysis of Interviews and Oral Reports

March 14, 2024


March 14, 2024

ImpactMapper is thrilled to announce an integration with Trint, supporting trust-based reporting in the philanthropic and impact investing sectors and opening new markets.

This API integration between Trint and ImpactMapper has been generously supported by Winthrop Rockefeller Foundation, to build effective technology tools for the philanthropic ecosystem.  

Until now, tools like Trint that support data collection and transcription and tools like ImpactMapper that support thematic analysis and visualization of text data, have stood separately. Today with this integration and the support of the Winthrop Rockefeller Foundation, ImpactMapper is proud to offer a seamless experience to our customers. After users record an interview, focus group, or grantee reporting session in Trint, they can automatically import Trint transcripts into ImpactMapper for deeper analysis and visualization. This real-time integration saves users valuable time, ensures they always have access to the newest reports and interviews and helps to ensure that transcripts are analyzed and used for impact reporting.

“We are thrilled to be able to bring this integration between Trint and ImpactMapper to our philanthropic peers. Working with our grantees in ways that support greater ease of reporting is a key tenant of our commitment to equitable, trust-based philanthropic practice. We have a responsibility to assess the impact of our work and its alignment with our board-approved strategies, as well as a commitment to not burden our grantees with unnecessary work. This integration allows us to meet both needs seamlessly”--Andrea Dobson, Chief Operating & Financial Officer, Winthrop Rockefeller Foundation

“ImpactMapper is the only impact reporting tool on the market that takes qualitative data seriously. This is incredibly important as groups all over the world are making critical social justice, equity, and environmental changes that affect rights, policies, and norms. The changes and impact they are making come to life when they are contextualized and deeper examples and stories of changes are shared. As such, we often recommend to the foundations and donors that we work with to move to oral reporting formats to better track this type of impact and to decrease the reporting burden on their partners. We also underscore the importance of qualitative data, such as interviews and focus groups, for landscaping, context, and outcome analysis. In this effort to move to trust-based reporting practices in philanthropy, transcription tools like Trint are often used. The integration with ImpactMapper strengthens trust-based reporting practices in philanthropy and gives a concrete set of tools to make this happen. The integration also supports ImpactMapper in opening up to other markets, such as journalists, companies, UX experts, and other users of Trint software that are interested in tagging their audio and video transcripts thematically, aggregating trends, and visualizing data trends across a set of stories, interviews or clients.” -- Alexandra Pittman, PhD, Founder and CEO, ImpactMapper  

Trint is an online transcription software that turns audio and video files into text in 40+ languages. It allows users to transcribe, translate, edit, and collaborate in a single workflow.  The tool is used by companies such as BBC, Financial Times, Winthrop Rockefeller Foundation, and AP, among many others.

ImpactMapper is a data analysis and reporting tool for foundations, nonprofits, corporates, impact investors, and UN agencies. ImpactMapper has robust qualitative text analysis tools, in addition to financial and quantitative analysis and a survey tool, creating an all-in-one flexible data analysis, visualization, and impact reporting solution for users. ImpactMapper is used by some of the biggest changemakers including Winthrop Rockefeller Foundation, Malala Fund, UNDP, UN Women, Porticus, Spotlight Initiative, MIT Urban Studies & Planning Lab, DLA Piper, and IKEA, to name a few. ImpactMapper also has integrations with Fluxx grantmaking software and is building integrations with Salesforce and Giving Data in 2024 to further integrate with grantmaking and CRM databases so customers can more quickly import their funding data. A set of equitable AI and autocoding tools is also being developed in 2024 to make impact reporting even more efficient through the ImpactMapper software.

Press Contact:

Alexandra Pittman, PhD

Founder and CEO


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