Improve Data Use and M&E Capacities with ImpactMapper Network Licenses

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Subsidize or grant ImpactMapper licenses to your grantees, network partners, or community members

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Add custom trainings for optimal use of ImpactMapper, tailored to your partners' specific needs, for a complete and comprehensive impact tracking and capacity building solution

Donors, networks, corporations with a sustainability focus and donor-advised funds are including ImpactMapper as part of their granting and investment strategies to strengthen monitoring and evaluation (M&E) capacities and data use for better programming. 

ImpactMapper’s unique feature set supports the alignment of quantitative and qualitative data to track grant-making and project-related impact based on a Theory of Change, log frame or custom indicator framework.

ImpactMapper helps donors, their grantees and partners:

  • Create stronger M&E processes
  • Build skills in data systemization, cleaning, collection, analysis and use
  • Transform qualitative and quantitative data into beautiful visualizations that align with custom outcomes and metrics
  • Develop effective communication strategies using stories of change alongside data visualizations and impact metrics
  • Promote a culture of learning and adaptation to improve the quality of programming, grant-making and investments
  • Share successes, learnings and best practices with a global community of change-makers using innovative M&E approaches

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Our clients are already seeing results from this approach:


Oak Foundation's Issues Affecting Women Programme (IAWP) granted ImpactMapper licenses to 40 of its grantees and 3 intermediaries to strengthen their M&E capacities, track and visualize their progress, identify areas for deeper attention and support organizational and programmatic learning. The aim is to increase grantee capacity to more efficiently track, analyze and communicate outcomes to a variety of stakeholders, with the hopes of contributing to increased funding and more evidence-based strategic action to promote women's rights in diverse communities around the world.

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Women's Learning Partnership, a network of 20 autonomous women's rights organizations around the world, purchased ImpactMapper licenses on behalf of three partner organizations. The aim of facilitating access to the platform is to build the capacity of partner organizations by supporting the systematization of their data collection, analysis and storytelling, so that they can better share their stories with donors, strengthen the evaluation of Partnership-wide initiatives, and raise the visibility of their work.

License commision

An anonymous donor-advised fund is granting 19 ImpactMapper Survey licenses to support nonprofit organizations who, despite smaller budgets, are having a significant impact in their areas of interest. This support has been launched as the ImpactMapper Fellowship program to promote more effective program impact tracking and to support a global culture of learning and sharing among communities and donors.

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