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ImpactMapper is an online tool for donors, nonprofits and corporations to track and visualize their social impact. We support change-makers in learning, sharing and catalyzing social change around the world. That is why we are partnering with experienced evaluators to support stronger analysis and use of data through our Ambassador Network Program.

What makes ImpactMapper unique?

Our tool integrates qualitative and quantitative analysis features with data visualization and is a one-stop-shop for diverse projects and analyses like:

  • tracking and managing grantee portfolio progress, monitoring, evaluation and learning (MEL) for nonprofits, calls for proposals, skills building and storytelling
  • mixed-method research and evaluation, especially connected with survey analysis and data visualization
  • building repositories of compelling stories and quotes for communications, marketing and advocacy

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Watch a brief overview of how ImpactMapper works.

What can you do with ImpactMapper?


Collect and organize survey and text data to yield instant insights on key impact outcomes and performance indicators.


Transform text and story data into usable insights, visualize quantitative metrics and build custom surveys.


Communicate data effectively with improved reporting, advocacy and marketing efforts.


Share data, analysis and results across organizations and within networks.


Learn what works across organizations and sectors to increase support for innovative social change strategies.

Are ImpactMapper’s objectives also your objectives?

If so, we would love to partner with you to achieve these objectives together through our Ambassador Program!


Use ImpactMapper for your projects and for/with clients to easily analyze and visualize data.

License commision

Receive 15% of every ImpactMapper license purchased by your client(s)

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Get 25% off the price of a Professional Full ImpactMapper license.

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