At ImpactMapper, we believe in increasing the accessibility of beautiful and easy to use analytics and data visualizations so we can elevate the inspirational and powerful social impact being made around the world.

Visual data overview

All project or portfolio related data are instantly visualized in maps showing how, where, and what work you do. Summary data on the outcomes and key priority issues you care about are also visualized and easily accessible.

Visual data overview
Turn text into usable insights

Turn text into usable insights

Get more of the data that you already have! Much of the data on social impact and impact in our sector are stored in text formats, but too often go unused. ImpactMapper allows groups to transform their text into quantitative trends in alignment with their custom outcomes or analyses. We also make it easy to save and share compelling quotes that speak to your impact.

Use our custom survey tool

Collect data more efficiently! Use our surveys at any stage–from grantee applications, grantee reports, beneficiary surveys, investment portfolio and company KPI tracking, pre-post testing, project or conference surveys, and more. We have many special features to make using your data a breeze–from real-time survey visualization to coding open-ended text in surveys.

Use our custom survey tool
Data visualizations at your fingertips

Data visualizations at your fingertips

Quickly and easily explore all of the data that you have in ImpactMapper through our chart generator where you can select from 8 different chart types. You can also customize by color, size of image, download format (png, jpg, pdf) and more.

All features

Import Grants and Grantee Data

ImpactMapper supports a few ways to import data.

  • Import grant, grantee and funding data in CSV
  • Add, edit and manage grants, grantees and funding data manually
  • Import existing Fluxx grants & grantee data

Create and Manage Analysis Projects

Start analyzing and visualizing your grant and grantee data by creating a project.

  • Create standalone or grant and grantee-linked projects
  • Manage multiple projects supporting different sets of grants, grantees and outcomes (Tags)
  • Manage a custom dictionary to support your project vocabulary
  • Select a set of Tags (outcomes) to be used in the project
  • Select a set of grants and grantees to be used in the project

Access Data Summary Dashboards

Review all of your data with high level analytics.

  • Map grants and grantees by location
  • Filter the map based on custom criteria
  • Dashboard summary of grant and grantee funding totals
  • Aggregated summary of coded outcomes (Tags)

Analyze Reports

Upload, tag and manage your text reports.

  • Upload reports in Docx
  • Tag text reports with outcomes (Tags)
  • Search and tag text within the report
  • Automatically-recognized dates, currency and quantity while tagging
  • Calculate frequency and reach of Tags
  • Save and manage quotes while tagging
  • Create new Tags on the fly (inductive coding)

Carry Out Surveys

Use surveys to collect tagged responses and data from your collaborators and grantees.

  • Design and carry out public, private or anonymous surveys
  • Collect data using short text, long text, single choice, multiple choice, single matrix, numerical, financial values fields
  • Customize your survey contents using header, sub-header, text, section break elements
  • Translate your survey into any language
  • Send out surveys in series to track and analyze responses over time
  • Tag (code) survey questions to automatically calculate frequency and reach of Tags (outcomes)
  • Generate public or personalized permalinks for the respondents
  • Customize your survey with a logo
  • Review and compare survey responses using built-in charts, filters and tables
  • Tag survey responses after the survey is complete
  • Create new Tags (outcomes) on the fly (inductive coding)
  • Export survey questions and response data in CSV

Create Charts

Visualize your data in a variety of customizable chart types.

  • Create compelling charts using your reports, survey, grants, funding and tag data
  • Apply custom filters, calculations (total funding, averages) and sort charted data
  • Choose from a column, bar, line, area, pie, stacked, combo, bubble, heatmap, scatter and hybrid chart types
  • Save and access configured charts anytime for live up-to-date reporting
  • Easily export chart as PNG, PDF, SVG and others for a variefy of formats like print, presentation and web
  • Export data tables as CSV
  • Save and access configured charts anytime for live up-to-date reporting

Manage Grants, Grantees and Funding

Add your grants and grantees to ImpactMapper to start analyzing your data in an analysis project.

  • Filter and sort your grants, grantees and associated funding by region, issue, focus area, etc.
  • Search, edit and manage your grants, grantees and associated funding
  • Add new grants, grantees and funding
  • Export grants, grantee and funding data in CSV

Measure Impact Using Tags

Tags allow you to pull out and track quantitative, numerical, location and other kinds of data within reports and surveys.

  • Track outcomes in qualitative and quantitative data using text, quantity, currency, location and date Tag types
  • Automatically apply tags to incoming survey responses
  • Tag text within reports and surveys
  • Merge similar or duplicated tags
  • Export applied tags and tagged text in CSV
  • Review and manage your tag taxonomy
  • Review applied tags and associated reach and frequency

Manage Your Account & Organization

Access and manage your user preferences and organization settings.

  • Manage a custom dictionary to support your organizational vocabulary
  • Enable 2FA authentication to secure your account
  • Multi-user project access within an organization