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ImpactMapper works with philanthropy, impact investors and corporations to support their research, data collection, analysis and training needs.

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Storytelling and data trends workshop

Stories are a critical form of communication that moves hearts and minds, and they can also be used to track changes in social impact initiatives. We provide this participatory workshop to walk organizations and companies through a systematic and step-by-step process to collect and analyze stories as data. This can be used to visualize aggregate level trends and to identify successful strategies. The findings can then be shared and communicated in diverse ways.  

Audience: Foundations, nonprofits, socially-responsible companies, start-ups, and impact investors.

Length: 1-3 days

Sample Clients: Oak Foundation, HIP, TRAG, Women’s Learning Partnership.

Sample Workshop: We held a five-day monitoring and evaluation (M&E) training with Prospera: International Network of Women’s Funds, with over 30 representatives and evaluation consultants from around the world.

The workshop included:

  • A crash course in mixed methods analysis (from preparing data, data cleaning, coding/tagging data, to visualizing and interpreting data)
  • Storytelling and outcomes alignment
  • Technical training on how to use the ImpactMapper software
  • Using data to feed back into strategy, M&E processes, organizational and programmatic learning
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Storytelling and data trends workshop

Interactive training to identify key performance indicators, impact stories and metrics

Organizations need more than traditional key performance indicators (KPIs) to track their social impact. In order to ensure that your organization’s impact is meaningful, we lead interactive training sessions to help you define your impact, theory of change, stories of change and key impact metrics along with other KPIs.

This provides your team with the right metrics to measure and communicate your key areas of progress. 

Audience: Socially-responsible companies, start-ups, and impact investors 

Length: 1-3 day training or ongoing company support.

Sample Client:  We held a one-day workshop and guided start-ups in Danske Bank’s ‘+impact’ accelerator program, to define their impact stories, elements in their theory of change and key impact metrics to track their companies’ progress in contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals.

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Interactive training to identify key performance indicators, impact stories and metrics

Research and strategy consulting

We provide customized training sessions on how to use the ImpactMapper tool with your unique datasets in your organizational context. 

Audience: Foundations, nonprofits, socially-responsible companies, start-ups, and impact investors.

1-5 day custom training on how to use ImpactMapper with your data to meet your needs, including:

  • Cleaning and analyzing your datasets
  • Auditing data
  • Mixed method analysis
  • Communicating results to different audiences
  • Developing internal process points for learning from and using your analyses
  • Creating a learning-from-data culture
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Research and strategy consulting

Research & Evaluation Projects

Research & Evaluation Projects

Impact Mapper also supports organizations with tailored research and strategy consulting projects. Contact us to hear more about bespoke training opportunities, and to discuss your specific needs!


United Nations Development Program (UNDP), 2018

A meta-evaluation of 105 Annual Development Reports were coded and analyzed on ImpactMapper, leading to a report that was presented to their Executive Board.

Oxfam International, 2018

A meta-evaluation of project and program evaluations implemented across the world explored Oxfam’s contribution to changing social norms and ending violence against women and girls. ImpactMapper conducted interviews and commissioned learning briefs which were all coded, analyzed and visualized in ImpactMapper, and written up in a final report. The report spoke to the achievements of Oxfam’s global change goal and set out recommendations for programs, policy and resources for Oxfam’s next Strategic Plan.

Women’s Learning Partnership, 2015-17

A three-year evaluation of Women’s Learning Partnership’s past work, across their 20 global autonomous partner organizations, primarily focusing on Muslim majority countries. Our team collected survey data, analyzed secondary data, visualized results through ImpactMapper, and presented a final report.

Oak Foundation, 2017-18

A new theory of change and outcomes structure for tracking progress which was used to code all grant progress and final reports. This led to reports drafted for tOak Foundation's ‘Issues Affecting Women’ Program from 2008-2017.

Match Foundation, 2018

The lmpactMapper team launched a grantee perception survey via our platform. We produced a report highlighting key findings and learnings from grantees.
UN Women

UN Women’s Independent Evaluation Office (IEO), 2018

A grantee perception survey launch via the ImpactMapper platform which led to a report highlighting key findings and grantee learnings.

UN Population Fund (UNFPA), 2019

A synthesis of 57 country program reports using ImpactMapper helped identify lessons learned around three transformative results: ending maternal mortality, eliminating gender based violence and harmful practices and ensuring access to family planning. The synthesis findings will be launched at UNFPA’s 50th anniversary and will shed light on UNFPA’s global impact.

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