ImpactMapper Q1 2021

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Open Government Partnership (OGP)

Open Government Partnership (OGP) is a unique partnership that works to ensure that civil society organizations, citizens, and local government participants contribute to government reforms across a broad range of issues. OGP chose the ImpactMapper software tool to analyze trends in qualitative data they had on policy reforms and visualize these data across several dozen member countries. In addition, they are using our survey tool to be more efficient in the data collection and analysis process across different countries and languages, allowing in-country representatives to send surveys in their own country’s language, while the global team gets automatic updates and analysis in their language of choice.


Publish What You Fund

Publish What You Fund is a global campaign for aid and development transparency, working to ensure all data is transparent and available so it can be used for effective decision-making, public accountability and lasting change for all citizens. Publish What You Fund will be using  ImpactMapper survey tool to track funding  on women’s economic empowerment and financial inclusion work led by women's rights organizations as well as its key outcomes, and understand how  resources are being deployed effectively and impactfully. Data collection efforts will involve women’s rights organizations in Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Kenya, Nigeria, Nepal, and Guatemala. Publish What You Fund is also a key partner in our women's movement building database project, and will be sharing our survey with their constituents to support this exciting project.


Malala Fund

Since 2013, Malala Fund has been working for a world where every girl can learn and lead, investing in local education activists, advocating to hold leaders accountable and amplifying girls’ voices. Last year, we did a workshop with Malala Fund staff on gender and inclusion in their programming by integrating gender and intersectional analysis into their grantmaking and influencing activities. This year Malala Fund has now come on board to implement our software tool, to manage and analyze their grants and engage in impact reporting. They will engage in consulting and advising services to support them in onboarding and implementing the ImpactMapper software most effectively over this year. In Q2, we will support Malala Fund with grants and grantee data upload, metrics development for their COVID-19 and Education Champion Network grants and analysis of grantee reports, currently in Word format through the IM software tool.

Impact Advisement

How we have helped organizations track, learn from and share  their amazing work

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The Fund for Global Human Rights (FGHR)

For almost 20 years, The Fund for Global Human Rights (FGHR)has been equipping grassroots activists with the financial and strategic support they need to improve lives, mobilize movements, and build a better future for their communities. FGHR has been using our software tool since 2019 to track their grantmaking and grantee outcomes through their Theory of Change and learning questions. They also have used the survey function to engage with grantees. Earlier this year, ImpactMapper reviewed and analyzed grantee reports, and in the coming months we will be working with FGHR staff to refine the current coding/tagging list.

ImpactMapper New Partnerships and Initiatives

The Human and Environmental Rights Index (HERO): Tracking Corporate Performance

We are excited to announce that Innovation Norway has funded Impact Mapper to engage in market research for a new product, called the Human and Environmental Rights index (HERO) Index. The HERO Index will be the first impact index that ranks corporations on their human and environmental rights performance. In July 2020, the UN passed the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights. This marked a turning point for the future of company sustainability reporting standards. As of now, most corporate sustainability rankings focus on high-level ESG metrics, which lack the nuance to capture support for human rights in alignment with the resolution. The HERO index will help create greater transparency of corporations’ performance on human rights and environmental rights so they can change their practices and improve the health and sustainability of our planet and people.

Women's Movement Building Evidence Base project

Along with global partners, we are building the largest global database of women's movement building key wins, including highlighting their key challenges, strategies of success and tracking how groups are engaged in promoting the SDGs. In November 2020, ImpactMapper launched the first wave of data from the evidence building project with detailed data from 45 women's organizations around the globe. In 2021, we are happy to share that our anonmymous donor renewed our grant to expand this work and reach a significantly greater number of women's rights movement building organizations and documenting their achievements and stories of impact. We are also seeking co-funding from other interested donors to support the implementation of our press and media strategy to make feminist and women's rights movement building organizations work and incredible achievements much more visible globally.

The aim is for this database to serve as a resource for the sector, where women's rights organizations and donors can search for topics or geographies of interest, to support greater country, regional and global connections and networks, or create or adapt strategies on lessons they have learned from others' work. Additionally, the aim is that this evidence base will inspire donors to drive more funding and greater quality funding (core support) to women's rights organizations that engage in movement building.

ImpactMapper Insights

In February, we shared our experiences, tips and tricks on how to collect stories and create databases and how to create meaningful impact metrics from this data. Check out the webinar here if you missed it. We also write a series of three blog posts, diving into this engaging topic below.

Blog Series

What’s coming next!

Webinar: Tracking grantmaking values through data collection and impact management systems

How can we ensure that the social justice, equality, and sustainability values that we promote are embedded in our grantmaking and investing processes? Join us for this webinar and discussion where foundations and other donors will share tips on tracking their grantmaking values through their data collection and management systems. After brief presentations from panelists, webinar participants can share their experiences and tips as well, engaging in a lively discussion. Hiwot Tedla from Urgent Action-Fund Africa will share the fund's efforts to embed downward accountability to grantees into their monitoring, evaluation, and learning efforts. Alexandra Pittman, CEO of ImpactMapper, will share experiences from advising and research work with UNDP and other foundations to track gender lens programming and investing.

Hackathon with UN Women

We are thrilled to be partnering with UN Women and UNINFO, building tech for good solutions and launching a data analysis and visualization hackathon. ImpactMapper has established a data sharing partnership with UNWomen and UNINFO and will be holding a joint hackathon in Q2 2021 to generate energy around building tech that supports gender equality and SDG achievement.  Stay tuned for more information to come and sign up here to be first to receive more information.

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ImpactMapper Ambassador program. ImpactMapper is partnering with experienced evaluators to support stronger analysis and use of data through our Ambassador Network Program. ImpactMapper ambassadors use or integrate ImpactMapper services and tools in their projects and with clients. Get in touch to discuss becoming an ambassador here.

Network Licenses. Donors, networks, corporations with a sustainability focus and donor-advised funds are including ImpactMapper as part of their granting and investment strategies to strengthen monitoring and evaluation (M&E) capacities and data use for better programming. Through our Network Licenses program donors and networks are funding software licenses for their grantees and partners as M&E accompaniment and capacity building support. You can read more about this bulk license program here.

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