ImpactMapper Consulting Services

ImpactMapper services are unique as we offer a 360° set of services, ranging from impact metrics and management, evaluation reporting, training and capacity building, and software to ensure you are on track at every stage in your impact tracking process.
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Our Consulting work

We help you identify what matters in tracking and communicating your impact, support you in metrics development, and conduct research and evaluations to track progress and leverage long-term social impact, social justice and rights promotion, and positive environmental changes.

Consulting work to develop your impact metrics and set up an impact management system

We work with donors, corporates or impact investors using a participatory approach to develop, update and/or manage a set of reliable impact metrics and reporting processes to measure  social impact and sustainability.

We develop or refine your outcome and impact metrics in alignment with your strategy or Theory of Change. Impact metrics work we can support you with includes:

  • Identifying the problem, goals and your organization’s added value to the ecosystem.
  • Identifying your desired outcomes, strategies, and ecosystem-level changes.
  • Building an impact narrative that communicates to diverse audiences.
  • Updating your application and report forms to collect data that really matters.
  • Developing your impact framework and in-depth outcome metrics aligned with your strategy, theory of change and learning objectives.

A few of our recent clients

Impact Research and Reports

We lead research and evaluations and produce annual or multi-year grantmaking and investment portfolio analysis reports, in-depth evaluations of programmes or portfolios, research, and CSR reports.

We analyze your data and collect original data to track and communicate effectively the impact of your grantmaking, investment portfolio, or programme.
A diverse and mixed methodology can be used, including conducting surveys, focus groups, interviews and story data collection.
We contextualize the report to track your contribution to the change process, strengths and weaknesses of your approach, results, outcomes and story of impact, as well as lessons learned and recommendations for the future.
We provide compelling ways to communicate your impact and prepare a visually designed report for communication to diverse audiences.

Recent Clients

Evaluation of INGKA-IKEA's advocacy on the Road to COP26: In summer 2021, ImpactMapper launched a collaboration with INGKA-IKEA to conduct an assessment of their advocacy, influence, and contributions to the UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26) in Glasgow. The evaluation will support strategic learning, decision-making, and storytelling in relation to INGKA-IKEA’s efforts in accelerating the transition to a fair and equal net-zero society.

Impact Report of Malala Fund's COVID-19 response: In 2021, we were excited to support the team in aligning their monitoring and evaluation systems with their COVID-19 grantmaking strategy. Through a participatory process, we worked with the Malala Fund team and analyzed their grantmaking data and grantee report data, created impact indicators and metrics for their funding portfolio, and wrote an Impact Report of Malala Fund's COVID-19 response efforts.

ImpactMapper completed a synthesis evaluation of 57 country UNFPA program reports to take stock of lessons learned around three transformative results: ending maternal mortality, eliminating gender based violence and harmful practices and ensuring access to family planning. The synthesis findings were launched at UNFPA’s 50th anniversary and shed light on UNFPA’s global impact and lessons learned. The full report and the Lessons Learned policymaking brief can be found here.

Examples of other Impact Reports produced:

Charge Incubator Impact Report, Global Women's Movement Key Wins Impact Report.

Impact Stories & Case Studies

Stories are a critical form of communication that moves hearts and minds, and they can also be used to track changes in social impact initiatives. We create stories and case studies to profile groups' key achievements visually. We bring together data from different sources to tell visually compelling stories.

  • We conduct interviews and surveys and weave together diverse data sources you have to help communicate your impact and share your brand story clearly.
  • We create visually compelling case studies that align with your brand and can be shared in diverse ways. For example, some donors like to create an online gallery to showcase their partners or investments, other groups like to create a case study to showcase their work on their website or social media platforms or as an addition to fundraising proposals.

Example impact stories and case studies:

Pastoral Women's Council, International Women’s Development Agency

Synthesis and Meta-Evaluations

A few of our recent clients

Our team engages in synthesis work and meta-evaluations. We have experience in synthesizing insights across multiple evaluations, research or grantee reports and creating learning products that support diverse stakeholders.

Examples of published meta-syntheses we have conducted include UNFPA's assessment of lessons learned from their last strategic plan 2018-2021.

Gender and Diversity Reports

We value diversity, inclusion, and gender equity (DEI) in organizations and have unique expertise developing gender and intersectional analysis tools and reports for organizations.

Impact Mapper assists you to understand your goals, progress and risks in DEI. In addition to policy, human resources, and accountability areas, we pay special attention to assessing organizational issues of culture and leadership as these are the key areas where inequalities get perpetuated and maintained.

Our process allows us to:

  • Prepare a visual report of your Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion efforts with recommendations for improvement
  • Conduct in-depth analysis and recommendations around key DEI areas.
  • Offer trainings and workshops around gender and diversity, such as developing transformative lens in grantmaking or investment portfolios, engaging in gender and diversity lens through the organization, addressing DEI issues and gaps in the organization, or custom trainings.

Past clients