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The Key to Change: Women's rights organizations and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
The Key to Change: Women's rights organizations and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
A global survey of women’s rights organizations and movements, tracking progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
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Our goals


We will publish a report on the collective achievements over the past decade and how they align with the SDGs.



We want to build the largest database of key wins of women's movement building organizations to profile the inspiring work happening all over the world. We will share our survey responses with your permission an explorable database, so you can connect with like-minded groups to learn about successful strategies, and make it easier for donors to find your initiatives.



ImpactMapper will also develop communications and advocacy tools to help you communicate your successes to different stakeholders, and reach the right partners to mobilize change.

The context

ImpactMapper has formed a collective of partners to launch a survey and campaign to strengthen the evidence base of women's rights movement building organizations’ key long-term wins globally, and to track how they are engaged in promoting the SDGs!

Women’s (and women’s movement building) organizations are key catalysts of progress as political, social, and economic actors. Research has shown the power of women's movements in ending violence against women and girls, and how empowering women mobilizes and accelerates changes across the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

It's time to make this work and these incredible achievements much more visible.

Even though data shows the power of autonomous women's movements and rights organizations to achieve the SDGs and other development goals, these groups receive disproportionately little funding. OECD-DAC data from 2016 and 2017 showed that just 1% of aid to gender-focused projects went to women’s organizations. In the same period, funding for programs which specified gender equality and women’s empowerment as their main objective was a paltry 4%, and 62% of aid reported was gender blind. 84% went to projects without any gender equality focus.

However, there are encouraging signs of growth. In 2017, the latest year for which figures are available, nine OECD member states’ institutional foundations channeled 50% or more of their aid towards projects with a primary focus on gender equality. It is also the first period for which the larger private foundations are reporting their flows against DAC’s gender equality policy marker. This potentially signals a shift towards international standards, and progress in private institutions to support women’s organizations. This is an excellent moment for us to make the most of, and to highlight your important wins to secure long-term support for your transformational work. 

The strength of women's rights movement building organizations is that they remain committed to their values of long-term systemic change to eradicate inequality and discriminations based on gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, etc. This shifts their focus to the long-term, and links their achievements to core values, which is what makes their work effective - as researchers have underscored. 

However, the state of international funding doesn’t reflect these achievements, and is too often doled out in short-term fragmented projects of 1-3 years. If we want to achieve the long-term transformative goals of the SDGs, we must do things differently. This starts with recognizing the achievements of the key stakeholders that fast-forward progress on the SDGs.

Why should I join this project?

If you’re a women’s rights organization focused on movement-building, here’s how our project could help you:

Build the collective evidence base on your long-term achievements to help direct more funding towards this impactful sector.
Share your key wins and successful strategies in a public and searchable database. Should you choose to share it, your work will be part of an unique database where other organizations and donors can find you by your issue area, region, country, and impact.
Connect with and find other groups who share your values, work on similar issues, or in your countries, or are experts in a topic you’re interested in.
Contribute to and access knowledge from the public report, and data on the collective achievements of women's rights movement-building organizations.
The survey
Join us in this exciting project, and take the survey here. The survey asks about your organization’s priorities, strategies and key achievements over the past ten years. Our questions will help us map out your organization and program-level alignment with the SDGs, the SDGs’ relevance to your work and your context, and help us identify key areas of growth. 
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We care about your privacy

By participating in this research project, you can choose how you want to share your data. There are several options and combinations available, from sharing everything to anonymizing specific details, to keeping all your information secure. Our privacy policy is here, and further information specific to this project is here