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A new tool to track trends in social change data so donors and nonprofits can spend more time where it counts: learning from past work and transforming the world.

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Why Impact Mapper?

Many foundations and nonprofit agencies possess rich qualitative data in the forms of compelling stories, open-ended survey responses, and various social media, but too often these are not systematically analyzed and mined for aggregate trends.

With its all-in-one coding and visualization tools, ImpactMapper gives organizations the power to unearth these latent trends within grant portfolios and programs. Our stunning graphics and maps will enrich your reports, social media, and web content and elevate the way you monitor your efforts, learn, and communicate.

Impact Mapper has been designed to be a technological solution for many consultant tasks — saving you time, resources, and technological infrastructure development so you can direct more money to achieving your vision and mission.


Powerful Storytelling

Powerful storytelling and qualitative data analysis software developed specifically for the learning needs of the social justice and development sector.

Customizable and efficient coding tools to track priority outcomes and trends unique to your organization at the aggregate level.

Beautiful interactive and static visuals and maps automatically generated from your data.

“Quick code” option to track general social change trends with the click of a button.

Easily capture key quotes and stories for richer communication and reporting on change.

Friendly user interface allows you to get more out of your data efficiently.

SSL encrypted online software and database frees up space on your hard drive, keeps your information safe and secure, and makes your data accessible from anywhere.

Private account ensures complete control over your information and the option to use the product for internal learning purposes or external sharing.

Become a testing partner

Impact Mapper seeks beta testers willing to give detailed feedback on the system and user experience in Q1 2017. At this stage, only Donors or NGOs with grantmaking functions can be beta testers. If this interests you, send us an email.

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The donor version of Impact Mapper is now in beta. Nonprofit and researcher versions coming soon.
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Our team

Here are the awesome people building ImpactMapper!

Alexandra Pittman, PhD

Founder and CEO

Szymon Piłkowski

Lead Developer

Abigail Rothberg

Client Support Manager

Glaiza Veluz

Project Coordinator

Tomasz Tunik

Frontend Developer

Alexander Wdowiński

Backend Developer

Zofia Góralewska

Frontend Developer

Anjini Mishra

Client Support

Jason Haviland

Financial Manager

María José De León Pellecer

Client Support