Impact Data Chat: Feminist Philanthropy

November 5, 2023

We held another Impact Data Chat focused on how women’s and feminist philanthropy on feminist and gender equality philanthropy for social impact! Below is a list of resources that is being constantly updated. Please feel free to share other tools we should add.

Reports on funding and women’s organizations' work


Funding Opportunities

News on Philanthropic Sector

Reflections on women’s and feminist philanthropy considerations

  • Need for clarity on best practices with feminist approach
  • Need for Equitable AI for rural communities that may not have access to tech, language barriers, Global North/South dynamics
  • Need to include people from different genders in the conversation, not only women
  • Need for racial, gender and postcolonial perspectives to philanthropic funding
  • Need for data security and safety of information for donors, and grantees against attacks or online/offline violence

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