Resources for Visualizing Social Impact Data

October 12, 2022

Our Impact Data chat in October focused on sharing recommendations around data visualizations for social impact. We had a rich conversation across sectors and organizations.  Evaluators, researchers and program officers shared new innovations, visuals, and experiences related to using data to visualize social justice, human rights and climate justice outcomes. Below we share a list of the resources shared in that session. 

Visualization Resources 

  • Recommended data visualization books

Visualization Examples and Tips 

Software tools 

Measurement Resources

  • Measuring Dignity: CRS and Notre Dame University. Will soon be published.  
  • Visualizing Change. A Guide for Coding and Tracking Change in Stories for Donors and Nonprofits by Alexandra Pittman, ImpactMapper Founder and CEO. This was written in 2015, so all visuals are from an earlier version of ImpactMapper.
  • Eirene peacebuilding indicators and database. There are indicators around the following seven areas: Dispute Resolution, Governance, Perceptions of Safety & Security, Resilience, Trust, Social Cohesion, and Violence Reduction.
  • IATI, common data standard. 
  • SDG indicators to align outcomes and finances to track data.

Photo by Conny Schneider on Unsplash

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