Impact Data Chat: Innovations in Tracking Social Impact Resources 

March 23, 2022

Following insightful discussions from our first Impact Data Chat in April, we are excited to share a list of resources that participants shared. We have started a running list of resources that we will continue to add to as a community. Please feel free to suggest other resources and send us links, we will be building this resource list through your comments and through future data chat conversations. Sign up for the next Impact Data Chat May 3 here.  

Methodological Toolkits/Guides

  • Behavioral Health Design Playbook: Created by the Board of Innovation, this playbook provides a behavioral design framework to achieve patient-centric solutions with a unique perspective. Along with tools to identify value propositions that challenge the status quo and create systemic impact.


  • Land Portal and Land Grab Tool: inclusive and accessible data landscape, online community and resource base that creates, curates and disseminates information that is crucial for achieving land governance and securing land rights.
  • ImpactMapper:  ImpactMapper is a consultancy firm with a proprietary software tool that helps groups collect, track, visualize, and analyze grantmaking and social impact data. Our services are unique as we offer a 360°set of services, ranging from developing and implementing monitoring, evaluation and learning (MEL) systems, impact metrics and management, evaluation reporting, training and capacity building, and software to ensure you are on track at every stage in your impact tracking process. Our software is unique as we allow groups to process qualitative and storytelling data along with quantitative and financial data on grantmaking and programmatic work. 


  • Collective storytelling and aggregate analysis of impact of women's rights movement/orgs building: We are missing out on a wealth of information because qualitative data is unstructured, by taking texts and stories and quantifying them into nuanced dataset we will be able to leverage long term impact data. ImpactMapper Key To Change Project:

Internal Organizational Tools

  • A Newsletter: a simple monthly newsletter to highlight impacts your company has made. This can be sent externally but also internally to motivate and increase transparency among departments and team members. 
  • Microportal on Website: Space on your website to share articles and resources and document old and new lessons. This ensures a list of resources that can be referred to to learn about the space and also ensures new team members do not miss out on lessons from the past. 
  • What We Learn Newsletter: A periodic outlet to share articles, evaluations, initiatives around your learning agenda. Materials are produced by you, but can also be curated from partners or thought leaders. Example: What We Learn - Jacobs Foundation

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