Webinar: How to Use Data Visualization Tools to Track Social Change

December 2, 2018


The state of data in the philanthropic and nonprofit sector is a bit of a mess. Typically, data on funding portfolios and nonprofit projects lie in multiple places with no way to analyze it. We sit on a treasure trove of rich information about social impact, the majority of it text-based, but we typically don't systematically analyze it for trends along with other quantitative data. So we are missing out on key social change trends and lessons learned withinthis important data. All that changes with ImpactMapper, which offers a beautiful user-friendly interface, which helps organizations to:

  • use their qualitative data and quantitative data more effectively
  • instantly access maps and diverse types of data visualizations and analysis
  • more efficiently collect, analyze and communicate their data
  • increase the effectiveness of their fundraising or grantmaking and monitoring and evaluation work
  • learn from past work
  • share the stories that matter most

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