Entrepreneur magazine names ImpactMapper's founder an inspirational woman tech founder focused on impact

February 28, 2020

Our founder, Alexandra Pittman, was highlighted in Entrepreneur magazine as an inspirational founder who has integrated social responsibility and impact into technology products.  We are excited to see the recognition of ImpactMapper and Alex, and other female tech founders!

View the article in full here or read the excerpt below.

Jennifer Spencer notes:

" ImpactMapper is a tool that enables businesses and individuals to better understand the impact of their social actions. Rather than sorting through a mess of data without seeing the bigger picture, this tool allows businesses to get a global map view of who they’ve impacted, and share this information with donors.

This also can help employees, stakeholders, and investors understand the impact of the business they’re working with and investing in. It keeps a socially responsible company accountable on the whole and goes beyond data points to include case studies and stories. The ability to evaluate the outcomes of well-intentioned business choices helps all businesses on their quest to contribute socially.

These founders prove to us that good can be done in many ways -- by helping those who are currently doing good, adding new initiatives under a business’s umbrella to expand good, or to keep evolving tech or AI to do even more good. I hope that you’re as inspired by these companies as I am -- and know there’s plenty more to be done to impact the world. It’s our own social responsibility to support products that forge the way."

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