Change Creator Podcast: ImpactMapper is a Game-Changer in Measuring Social Impact

September 5, 2018


We were so thrilled to be a guest in the Change Creator podcast! Our Founder and CEO, Alex Pittman, was there to share some background on ImpactMapper. She had a fun conversation with Adam Force about how the software came about, initial funding streams, the challenges we’ve faced, and the new awesome features of our tool to help groups analyze, visualize and communicate the social change and impact they make around the world.

Click on this link for the full podcast interview:

…at ImpactMapper, they are basically changing the game on how we track, measure, and communicate social impact…A lot of the tools today are really cumbersome, and it just becomes a burden. They don’t all necessarily work together. So you’re using several different platforms to track different kinds of data and get different insights, and you’ve got to figure out how to put it all together. And they’re (ImpactMapper) making that much easier. They have a lot of cool features on how you can visualize the data, turn text into really usable insights, and do surveys… all these things that are right there in one platform. So it’s unlike anything we’ve really seen before.

— Adam Force, Change Creator Founder and Publisher

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