About us

At ImpactMapper, we believe in challenging the status quo and transforming how we track, measure and communicate social impact.

Why ImpactMapper?

Many of our current tools for tracking social change are overly burdensome and focused on minutiae that take creative time and energy away from the field. More often than not, we privilege quantitative metrics in the sector, often because they are easier to measure, but they don’t tell the whole story—especially when thinking about longer term societal change processes, like increasing human rights and eradicating racial and gender inequalities, which takes longer than 2-3 years to achieve. This means that we might not be funding the right change-makers that will truly transform the world and end social, racial and gender inequalities. We can and must do more.

We have built a platform to make it easy for users to track trends lying latent with stories, and other text data formats, so they can be tracked along with other quantitative metrics. We help organizations think through what data could be useful and a catalyzing force for good in communities. We also help our clients think through institutionalizing processes for creating of cultures of learning and offer a platform so users can easily share lessons across different groups.

ImpactMapper has been built on a strong foundation of social justice values (equality, participation, voice) and based on the needs of and collaborations with feminist, human rights and social justice advocates and evaluators.

Our Founding

ImpactMapper was founded as a Public Benefit Corporation in March 2015. Our Founder, Alexandra Pittman, bootstrapped and built the product through her revenues consulting with feminist and social justice groups on M&E until 2016. At this time, ImpactMapper received its first seed grant and support from Oak Foundation, and subsequent support came from Oak and Katapult in 2017. We are currently speaking with other like minded donors and collaborators who want to transform the space and support the development of the go-to product for the entire philanthropic and nonprofit sector.

Social Responsibility

We reinvest the majority of our gross revenues into our sustainability, growing our reach and serving our community by delivering on our social mission.


Alexandra Pittman

Founder and CEO

Jagadha Sivan


Glaiza Veluz

Project Coordinator

Tomasz Tunik

Lead Developer

Zofia Góralewska

Frontend Developer

Jason Haviland

Financial Manager

María José De León Pellecer

Client Support

Stas Suscov

Backend Surfer

Maddy Siriouthay


Zayid Douglas

Client Support

Joël Azemar

Backend Developer

Valentine Makhouleen