At ImpactMapper, we believe in increasing the accessibility of beautiful and easy to use analytics and data visualizations so we can lift up the inspirational and powerful social changes being made around the world.

Visual data overview

All project or portfolio related data showing how and where you work or fund are instantly visualized in maps to aid in trend spotting. Summary data on the outcomes and key priority issues you care about are also visualized and easily accessible.

Turn Text Into Usable Insights

Get more of the data that you already have! Much of the data on social change and impact in our sector lie in text formats, but too often go unused. We allow groups to transform their text into quantitative trends in alignment with their custom outcomes or analysis areas of interest. We also make it easy to save and share compelling quotes that speak to your impact.

Use our Custom Survey Tool

Collect data more efficiently in the future! Use our surveys at any stage in the grantmaking or nonprofit project implementation process–from grantee applications, grantee reports, beneficiary surveys, pre-post testing, project or conference surveys, etc. We have many special features for our sector to make using your data a breeze–from real-time survey visualizations to tagging open-ended text in surveys.

Data visualizations at your fingertips

Quickly and easily explore all of the data that you have in ImpactMapper through our chart generator where you can select from 8 different chart types. You can also customize by color, size of image, download format (png, jpg, pdf), etc.